Wheat Grass

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Wheat Grass

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Wheat Grass Powder

with roots
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Wheat Grass Herbal

Premium Soaps
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About Us

Agro Jyothi, a women enterprise established in 2014 in suburb of Hyderabad Telangana state.

We are India’s first to give wheatgrass powder along with roots as we grow in Indoor Hydroponic soil free process.

We have started with a theme to make India Healthy all over with Wheat Grass Powder in India.

Our Wheat Grass production has initiated our roots in Hyderabad, establishing a supply all over India with successful clients.

We are certified with Ayush, FSSAI, GMP for developing a product in an innovative way.  Initiated the process with Wheat Grass Powder with roots, now extended to different products like Herbal Premium Soap, Shampoo, Moisturizer cream, etc.

Our products purely grow up organically without chemicals.

Wheat Grass


Wheat Grass

Soap & Shampoo

Wheat Grass


India's First

Hydroponic Processed


Pure & Natural


13+ Vitamins

Our Process

Hydroponic Process

Product Application

The New Standards of Healthcare

Our products are premium and result-oriented. Observed the children less than 2 years of age are also witnessing phenomenal results after using our product. Neutralise products are one of the most affordable and most affective in the market, with assured results within 30 days of using our products. Additionally, continuous use for months will ensure long-term health of the skin. Our products give faster results compared to all other therapies like Allopath, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic

Skin Care

Psoriasis,Cellulitis,Eczema,Dermatitis, Sun burn,Skin allergy

Life Style Diseases

Lowers  high Blood Pressure, Diabetes, heart diseases,etc

Blood Purification

Regulates pH value, Hemoglobin and best immunity booster

Natural Benefits

Energy levels, revitalizes the body, provides vitamins etc


Improves the skin and regulates healthy changes

Nutrition Benefits

For children, pregnant women and for aged groups

Products We Provide

Natural Wheat Grass Products

Our Manufacturing Process

Hydroponic Process

Wheatgrass is grown for 7 daysand on completion of 7day we cut the grass from the top of the seeds and cut the roots below the seeds and the middle part (the seed part) will be removed.

We dehydrate the grass and roots separately in sun under UV protected playhouse and make powder.

As it is a single crop and single harvest our wheatgrass gives better results along with fresh and sweet taste. Those who have tasted other wheatgrass powders can easily differentiate the quality.

Our Team

The team behind the success
Mr.Praveen Kumar
Satya Praveen Kumar Bellamkonda Co-Founder
Mr.Praveen is a commerce graduate and has done LLB. Praveen plays a central role in driving all technological innovations that form the backbone of Neutralize and leading entire operations team.
Mrs. Jyothi Bellamkonda
Jyothi has pursued her Masters in cheminstry. At Neutralize jyothi shapes the vision, strategy, and growth as we continuously redefine how wheatgrass prodcuts changes the human health. With over decades of experience jyothi taking care of quality control and resource management.


What our customers Say

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